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12 Step Prayer Book, Volume 2


Author(s): Bill P., Lisa D.

ISBN13: 9781592854738

ISBN10: 1592854737

Publisher: Hazelden Books

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  • A second edition (with 44 new prayers) of the best-selling book of prayers and inspirations for those seeking just the right words for conversing with their Higher Power or for expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings. Words of wisdom and inspiration, gleaned from Twelve Step meetings and adapted from common prayers and devotional readings, fill the second edition of this popular prayer book. Featuring forty-four new prayers, the updated and enhanced second edition offers a total of 183 inspirational passages to assist members of all Twelve Step fellowships in their prayer life and spiritual progress. Anyone who has had difficulty finding the right words to speak with his or her Higher Power will find abundant resources in this stirring collection.
  • Bill P.

    Lisa D.

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  • Introduction

    Prayer is seeking answers and direction in life. Meditation is listening for answers from a Higher Power and developing the faith within us to accept these answers. Reflection is the study of ways to change the answers we get from prayer and meditation into action.
    This second volume of prayers and inspirational readings was written and compiled to assist all Twelve Step Fellowship members with their prayer life and spiritual progress.
    Those who are just beginning a life of recovery will find help by working the Eleventh Step. Those who have time in the Program will find a deepening of their spiritual life. Anyone who has trouble finding the right words to speak with his or her Higher Power may find exactly what he or she wants to say in one of these prayers.
    The suggestion in the Eleventh Step, sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, asks us to improve our prayer and meditation life. May these prayers help you improve your spiritual progress.
    This book, as with volume 1 of The 12 Step Prayer Book, is a companion to the meditation book Easy Does It: A Book of Daily Twelve Step Meditations.
    Many members have learned, through times of quiet reflection, to work into their recovery life the answers their Higher Power has given them as a result of their active practice of prayer and meditation.
    The 12 Step Prayer Book
    More 12 Step Prayers and Inspirational Readings
    Volume 2 , Chapter One


    Ive Found a Reason
    Dear God, as long as my life was preoccupied with my own problems, my own unwillingness and dark moods, I was critical, insensitive, rigid, and defiant. But when I honestly faced my defects and failures and the worst was known and surrendered to You, the whole nature of living changed. I am no longer the emotional center of all things and no longer take everything as personal to myself. Ive found a reason for all the suffering through which I have passed. It is to be used in understanding and helping others. Out of darkness comes light.


    Happy, Joyous, and Free
    I am sure You want me to be happy, joyous, and free.
    With Your help I will no longer believe that life has no meaning and is filled with sorrow.
    You, the Twelve Steps, and our Fellowship have shown me I made my own misery. You didnt do it.
    I pray I will avoid the deliberate manufacture of misery.
    But if trouble comes, I will cheerfully make it an opportunity to demonstrate Your wisdom and power.
    Adapted from material in Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Edition, page 133


    Life Is a Gift
    Thank you, God. May I remember during periods of depression,
    The many times in my life when things do seem right, when I have those moments of clarity,
    When I feel there is hope, when the sun shines down on me and warms my face, when Your love warms my heart.
    I am reminded that life is a gift . . . this I pray.


    Thanksgiving Prayer, Native American
    Great and Eternal Mystery of Life,
    Creator of All Things, I give thanks for
    the beauty You put in every single one of
    Your creations.
    I am grateful that You did not fail in
    making every stone, plant, creature, and
    human being a perfect and whole part of
    the Sacred Hoop.
    I am grateful that You have allowed me
    to see the strength and beauty of
    All My Relations.
    My humble request is that all of the
    children of Earth will learn to see the
    same perfection themselves.
    May none of Your human children doubt
    or question Your wisdom, grace, and
    sense of wholeness in giving all of
    Creation a right to be living extensions
    of Your perfect love.


    Where There Is Charity and Wisdom
    Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.
    Where there is patience and humility, there is neither anger nor annoyance.
    Where there is love and joy, there is neither greed nor selfishness.
    Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.
    by St. Francis of Assisi
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12 Step Prayer Book, Volume 2

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