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101 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Author(s): Tom Smith

ISBN13: 9781847091451

ISBN10: 1847091458

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • "I have lots of white spots on my nails. Is this a sign of lack of calcium? Are there other nail signs that we should be aware of?”

    “Is it true that smoking cannabis is less harmful than tobacco or drinking?”

    “How soon after an operation can you travel by air?”

    Questions that people want to ask their doctors vary tremendously! Sometimes they don’t even get asked as people are afraid of wasting the doctor’s time – or they may end up as the ‘hand on the doorknob’ or the ‘while I’m here’ type of question that gets popped out just as the patient leaves the surgery. Embarrassing, awkward, or trivial – whatever the question, there’s a good chance that Dr Tom can answer it!

  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith is a GP and award-winning medical writer. He is the author of several Sheldon Press titles including Coping Successfully with Prostate Cancer, Overcoming Back Pain, Living with Alzheimer’s Disease, and Heart Attacks: Prevent and Survive. He lives in Scotland.

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101 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

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